Samsung confirmed that the S10 is equipped with a high-pass ultrasound screen under the fingerprint

Column:Industry dynamic Time:2018-06-27

On May 30, south Korean media etnews reported that samsung electronics will launch the Galaxy S10 in the first half of next year with an on-screen fingerprinting technology.


The ultrasonic fingerprint module has less effect on the screen structure

Industry insiders say samsung chose ultrasound over optics because ultrasonic sensors can identify fingerprint gouges and even pores and allow 3D fingerprint scans with deep data to ensure the security of biometric verification.

Although the Note series has previously been rumored to carry underscreen fingerprints, the technology has been preempted by domestic manufacturers. Samsung, which has always been cautious in technology, should feel a lot of pressure from Chinese brands. It is not surprising that samsung S10 will meet us at CES 2019 in January next year.

Source: PConline